Trainer Profiles


Jad Boulus

Jad began his journey in sports as a martial artist. Competing in Taekwondo tournaments on a national level, as well as achieving a black belt at age 15. With a growing interest in human anatomy he followed his passion, where he studied Sports Science in Australia. Along with his education, he has gained numerous certifications from Sports Medicine Australia (SMA) including Level 1 Sports Trainer, and has experience in pre-season screening for professional athletes.

Jad gained teaching experience very quickly, mentoring and tutoring other students at high school and university level. Whilst also speaking English and Arabic fluently, he also speaks French and Spanish at a beginner level. His keen interest in research and development means that he is always updating his knowledge on the latest trends in the sporting and fitness world.

His linguistic capabilities, combined with his enthusiasm and understanding of the sciences, allow Jad to deliver both informative and entertaining lectures to his students, ensuring they receive the best learning experience as well as helping them hone and develop their knowledge on the science.