personal training

Personal Training course

Are you passionate about Health and Fitness, and would enjoy helping others achieve their own personal wellness goals? Then Personal Training is the right path for you.

Personal Training not only offers you a fun, dynamic yet flexible and rewarding career, but also the ability to make a huge difference in the lives of your clients; adopting and establishing positive, healthier lifestyle choices.

Aimed at the aspiring Fitness Professionals, this course combines the Gym Instructing, Personal Training and Group Exercise Instruction qualifications, all delivered as one course package.

Our Personal Trainer Course is Internationally accredited by the European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPs) and Europe Active and Nationally approved by the Qatar Ministry of Sports and Youth (License number 2020 SALA-000341) and by REPS Qatar. The REPS accreditation provides international employability and is approved in most countries globally. Our Graduates are Now Employed in Commercial Gyms, Schools and Universities, Hotels and Resorts, Hospitals, Sports Clubs, Cruise Ships as Fitness Professionals both in Qatar as well as overseas.

Our Personal Trainer Course offers interactive Practical and theory learning, fun coursework, and discussion of the latest fitness education trends, delivered by our dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced professionals.

The program teaches all fitness fundamentals and training skills, including; biomechanics, nutritional guidance, anatomy, physiology, program design, as well as training principles and methodology for a range of groups and special populations such as older adults, adolescents, amateurs and professional athletes.

This course runs for 10 weeks which includes in-person theory and practical teaching and learning, fitness environment preparation, and a combination of modular summative and formative assessment. The consecutive weeks of training encompasses 150 hours of guided learning with 100+ hours of face-to-face teaching both inside the classroom and on the gym floor, with additional learning hours available for learning support, consolidation and revision.

Qualification Breakdown

  • Maintaining fitness environment and equipment
  • Operate professionally in a fitness environment
  • Apply anatomical and biomechanical principles to physical activity
  • Apply entrepreneurship to the administration of sport and fitness business
  • Apply principles of sport and exercise physiology
  • Conduct screening procedure
  • Design exercise programs
  • Monitor and maintain health, safety and security
  • Motivate and encourage participation in the physical activity
  • Promote awareness of nutritional principles
  • Provide for safety and risk management in sport and fitness
  • Test and evaluate health related fitness components
  • Utilize wellness concepts for lifestyle change
  • Organize oneself in the workplace
  • Function in a team
  • Plan and conduct a research project
  • Analyze external factors influencing people who have special needs
  • Apply workplace communication