Group X Instructor Course

Our Group X Instructor course is a level 4 Certification program that is accredited by OXIFA and is recognised by the Register of Exercise Professionals. As an Internationally Certified Group Fitness Instructor, you will have the knowledge and skills to help clients with their health and fitness goals. You’ll have the proficiency to:

  • Instruct and develop programs for a variety of group fitness oriented classes such as aerobics, step class, bootcamp, fitness conditioning, circuit training, kickboxing, pump and more
  • Identify the components of a total physical fitness conditioning program to develop each component
  • Describe various safety variables and methods for injury avoidance
  • Explain various warm up movements, cardiovascular training, resistance training and flexibility exercises
  • Analyse and utilise various small equipment within group exercise classes such as hand weights, exercise balls and more
  • Demonstrate exercises with proper biomechanical form and alignment
  • Encourage and motivate participants and become a leader that they can lean on for support and guidance throughout their fitness journey