Sport Conditioning Course

This course is intended for Certified Personal Trainers and other industry professionals who would like to specialise in training sports people and athletes. Our Sports Conditioning course is a level 5 Certification program and is recognised by the Register of Exercise Professionals. Participants must have an Internationally approved Personal Training qualification or Exercise Science qualification like Physical Education or Physiotherapy to be eligible for this course.

As a Sports Conditioning Specialist, you can work with a variety of different athletic individuals, across a wide range of sporting disciplines.

The course will run for 8 weeks, involving preparation and assessment. This includes a written test, video presentation and interview.

This course will teach you

  • Learn how to prepare, plan, deliver and assess a strength and conditioning program that will help athletes to achieve their performance goals
  • How each sports athlete differs anatomically, physiologically and biomechanically,
  • What nutrition and supplements athletes need in order to improve their performance
  • What injuries sport people are likely to suffer from and how to prevent and minimise acute and chronic injuries
  • How to Periodise their training over extended periods of time
  • Train Athletes to improve components like strength, speed, power, agility, flexibility, muscular and cardiovascular endurance.